Advanced Survival Shelter

If you have a group of people and a fair bit of time, you can move up from debris shelters to a more advanced, permanent shelter.  We spent about 8 hours constructing a 10 x 8 shelter that would easily sleep 6.  We used double, stacked debris walls and a ridge of about 6 feet.  We were very fortunate to have a lot of available resources both from a previous shelter and some trees that were recently felled.  Even though there was a huge supply of goldenrod stalks for thatching, we were really surprised at how much was needed.  We only got it half thatched, and had to resort to a tarp.

The boys ended up sleeping in ot in about 0 degree weather.  Without a little more work on the roof, it didn’t do much for keeping in heat.  We have to tweak the design a little.

Click on picture for larger version.

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Catching up on pictures: Sept. 2014 to May 2015

So, as I said below, I haven’t kept up with the pictures from the earlier camps from the new Phoenix 4.0 group.  They’ve been busy and very successful over the past year.  Before embarking on our big Smoky Mountains trip in two weeks, I though I’d do a little catching up.  Many of these have appeared on Facebook, but I think it is worthwhile to put them here.

Early spring had the group’s first trip to the Crown Land site, complete with 100% successful solos.

IMG_0803wwIMG_0806wwIMG_0828wwPart of Sunday’s program was to build a cooking tripod for the fire, including a workspace.

In sharp contrast to that, during the winter the boys built snow shelters, again with everyone completing and sleeping in them.

IMG_0698wwIMG_0704wwIMG_0711wwIMG_0751wwThere is a video as well, but I have to trim it and post it on our YouTube channel as WP doesn’t support direct uploading of videos.

Our Primitive Weapons camp is always a favorite.  We made survival bows with arrows (limited success for a first attempt) and also atl-atls.  We also spent some time with real bows doing some archery with some interesting targets.

IMG_0781wwIMG_0778wwIMG_0798wwOne of our first camps was the traditional Warsaw Debris Shelter camp.  Once again, batting 1000, all of the boys constructed and spent the night in their shelters, -many learning the importance of having something between them and the ground.

IMG_0527wwIMG_0559wwWe also did some bowl burning in the evening.

Those are the highlights.  I’ll try to update the videos and link to them here.

I’m sure we will have many more pictures to put up during our journeys over the next month.  Follow our exploits here.


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Wilderness, Still Here

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