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Camping stoves

The Solo and Bush Buddy stoves look interesting.  These are cooking stoves that use wood twigs as fuel instead of liquid or gas fuel.  they use a design that takes advantage of convectional air flow to effectively burn both the wood and the smoke.  The reviews that I see around are all pretty good.  Being smokeless would make it a great stove for a scout situation, plus there’s no need to carry fuel (as long as some debris is available).


I had a similar stove maybe 20 years ago which used the same principles but added a small battery powered fan to help with air flow.  I recently unearthed it from some dark corner of my basement, and was surprised that it still worked.  Have to take it out and give it a workout.

Of course, the new models have dispensed with the battery and the fan, having found a design that accomplishes the same thing.  It is not so much the availability of batteries that might be concerning in the old model, but rather that the motor might expire on you, rendering the stove useless.

Here is a well done video comparing several models as they boil water.  Warning:  You’re watching a 7 minute plus video of water boiling.

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Zombease – Emergency Heater

Fighting zombies and other adversaries, and general survival tactics often overlap, so this zombie perpetration site, ZOMBEASE,  has a lot of good ideas.

A new take on an old, simple idea is the construction of a heater using a can, toilet paper and rubbing alcohol.  Check out the other ideas on this innovative site.  You’d just need a good supply of fuel.

I also really like their all purpose, do it yourself melee hammer:

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Escaping From Zip Ties

Not sure when you might need this, …unless of course you get captured during a Zombie Apocalypse.  Then you could get out of them without having to cheat.

We discussed recently how zip ties could be useful in a Go Bag.  It would be neat to summarize the possible uses here.


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I am no fan of those thin survival blankets that are made out of mylar.  I find that they rip very easily and on the few occasions I’ve used them, they haven’t done much to keep me warm.  Admittedly there are people who disagree with that and say that they’ve been warmed up by them, so don’t take my word for it.

However, at a recent camp some of the boys had them and when were discussing their possible uses we hit on one that might just be a life saver.

When I’ve learned and taught how to make winter fires for warmth, we’ve always tried to construct a reflector on one side to reflect heat and hopefully provide more heat on one used side.  Like this:

It works middlin’ well at best.  Unless you’re lucky to have nice white birch, the reflecting value of the wood is very limited.  If you put it close enough to be more effective, it tends to blacken.

So, I’m interested in finding out whether a better reflector can be constructed using a survival blanket or something similar.  There are the mylar ones, the heavier, more durable ones (which are much bulkier) and then there’s good old aluminum foil.  At one of our upcoming camps I’m going to suggest that we do some experimenting with these.  How easily does the mylar melt or burn?  How can a few sticks and some duct tape help?  How large a surface area is optimal?

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It’s a good idea to include condoms in a go bag, survival kit or first aid kit.  Aside from the obvious reason, it is also a good barter item, and has a multitude of uses.

11 Ways a Condom Can Save Your Life

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Tom Brown Jr. Emergency Checklist


All of you who have been through my classes know that I am not an alarmist. Instead, I am just the opposite. To me, blizzards, floods and all the rest are not disasters but adventures. I always ask, “What are you going to tell your grandchildren 25 years from now?” Are you going to tell them about the traffic jam that you got caught in on the commute home, or are you going to tell them of the great blizzard or flood that you lived through”.

People seem to worship safety, security and comfort as a god, but what we remember the most in life are the intense times that we were not safe, secure and comfortable. These are the times we become the most alive, and these times are not just remembered, but relived. When it comes to emergencies, there is one saying that comes to mind. Be prepared. But be prepared sensibly.
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Edible Plants – Tom Brown jr.


“Tom Brown, Jr.”
It’s very difficult to write a survival article on wild foods that will be relevant to readers in a broad range of areas and terrains. Therefore, I’ve tried to include a variety of widely distributed plants that can be easily identified and are—for the most part—to be found throughout the year.
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