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Tracker Scout Skills – Camouflage

Of all the wilderness skills, the Apache Scout skills of camouflage and stealth are the most inclusive of all, integrating all other physical and awareness skills together to one purpose.  This past weekend we made a beginning in these skills.  It tends to get messy, but is always a lot of fun.

IMG_1537wwIMG_1552wwIMG_1539wwShiny hair is a no-no.

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Zombease – Emergency Heater

Fighting zombies and other adversaries, and general survival tactics often overlap, so this zombie perpetration site, ZOMBEASE,  has a lot of good ideas.

A new take on an old, simple idea is the construction of a heater using a can, toilet paper and rubbing alcohol.  Check out the other ideas on this innovative site.  You’d just need a good supply of fuel.

I also really like their all purpose, do it yourself melee hammer:

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Escaping From Zip Ties

Not sure when you might need this, …unless of course you get captured during a Zombie Apocalypse.  Then you could get out of them without having to cheat.

We discussed recently how zip ties could be useful in a Go Bag.  It would be neat to summarize the possible uses here.


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