The second last location that I want to chronicle here is our short visit to Page, Arizona.  This town sits at the outflow of Lake Powell, stopped by the Glen Canyon Dam.  We were a bit rushed in our visit here as we had to get to the Grand Canyon by a specific date, but we had two full days.  Our hoped for wifi at the Page/L. Powell Campground proved to be ineffective, meaning that the blog would not be updated until after our Grand Canyon Hike.  I seem to recall having the same thing happen last time we stopped at this campground.

On the first day the boys wanted to go swimming, -understandable when the opportunity presents itself on a desert road trip.  The best swimming is only accessible by boat, but there is pretty good swimming up the shore from the boat launches.  (Close to the marinas should be avoided.)  So we went to the launch close to Antelope Canyon and just walked along the shore to find a good swim spot.  The weather was cloudy with threatening rain, but still very warm.

Click on pictures for full size. 

On the second day we managed to get on a tour for Antelope Canyon.  Everything was telling us that it wasn’t possible and they were all sold out, but going to the actual site rather than going through one of the tour arrangers in town proved to be cheaper and was successful.  We were learning that when things were “fully booked”, there were always other options if you just prod the situation enough.  Antelope Canyon is a Mecca for photographers and causes even those less likely to take pictures to bring out there cameras.  I had been there many times before, but I was glad to see the boys get into it, and Greg certainly was in paradise.

After our Antelope Canyon tour we had to hit the road for the Grand Canyon.  Leaving late in the afternoon, it was going to be inevitable that we’d reach any campsite at our destination very late, and that they would likely be full.

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