Bryce Canyon

Eventually our stay in Moab came to an end and it was time to move on.  There were several other hikes in that area not mentioned here, including on to Corona Arch, known for the arch swingers video.  We were content to sit underneath it.


Our trip across the Escalante Grand Staircase was not uneventful.  Late on the first night of this leg we hit a deer on a totally deserted stretch of highway.  Fortunately for us, the damage to the car was minimal, not preventing us from driving at all.  We were only shaken up, but the deer didn’t fare as well, crawling to the edge of the road and eventually dying.  We all felt really bad, but were lucky that it hadn’t turned out worse than it was.

After a brief stopover in Kodachrome State Park, we arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park, where we were determined to do one of the major hike into the amazing canyon.

Click on thumbnails for larger picture.

Bryce is another of the flavours of rock formations that are fascinating within the “Grand Staircase” which runs from Moab’s Canyonlands to the Grand Canyon.  Progressive layers of rock eroded by eons of water and wind produce displays of strange shapes and varied colours.

Our hike into Bryce Canyon was another good rehearsal for our Grand Canyon trek, the end winding up hundreds of  feet in altitude along dozens of switchbacks.

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